Solution de stockageDigital Netcom offers several storage solutions for all needs (ZFS storage replicated, SSD cache, distributed storage: GlusterFS, CephFS …). Available on several datacenters, these offers can meet both the requirements of integrity and performance. All available storage infrastructure are based on solutions Hardware RAID with high availability and high performance, which can be redundant synchronously or asynchronously.
Depending on the chosen solutions, several protocols can be used for access to the data (NFS, CIFS, SSHFS, etc.). Storage offerings from Digital Netcom can be pooled or totally dedicated and accessible through the internet or remain private. This storage can be provided in a “raw” but also through business applications allowing use for servers or for terminals (IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS …)


RAID ZFS Storage High availability

  • ZFS HA 1 GB
Monthly fee


RAID ZFS Storage High availability

  • ZFS HA 1 TB
Monthly fee


RAID 10 Backup Storage

  • RAID 10 Backup 1 GB
Monthly fee


RAID 10 Backup Storage

  • RAID 10 Backup : 1 TB
Monthly fee


Digital Netcom works only with certified hardware for servers (hard drive, SSD…), selected , tested and benched by its teams and posting a MTBF of greater than 100 years..


Digital Netcom set up for each client’s infrastructure an external monitoring located in another trusted company for response time and availability (PingDom).


Digital Netcom as a MSP works at different levels of managed services (system and network ) or in a more specific context (DBA , application management , exceptions, etc.)

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