Digital Netcom provide in addition to its high availability cloud offerings, a VNS (VPS No Service ) low cost for those who need to have resources at very low prices to test updates, test new products , new versions of languages, etc.

Availability : Each VPS runs on a RAID server and all is backuped  each 24H00 on another Datacenter . If there is an Incident on the VPS, the backup will be restored. If the problem have a date  anterior to the backup, Digital Netcom will replace the VNS.

Simplicity : 2 single deals that include all the need for your tests : 2 or 4 VCPU , 2 or 4 GB RAM, 100 GB disk in RAID 1 and a public IP address with an unlimited traffic.

Security : our VPS aren’t containers like lxc , openvz , dock or similar, but only real KVM virtual servers : what is in your VPS is only on your VPS.

VNS Bronze

VNS (VPS No Service) Bronze

  • VCPU : 2
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Disk : 100 GB RAID 1
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Complete Backup 1 time per 24H00
Montlfy fee

VNS Silver

VNS (VPS No Service) Silver

  • VCPU : 4
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Disk : 100 GB RAID 1
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Complete Backup 1 time per 24H00
Monthly fee


Digital Netcom works only with certified hardware for servers (hard drive, SSD…), selected , tested and benched by its teams and posting a MTBF of greater than 100 years..


Digital Netcom set up for each client’s infrastructure an external monitoring located in another trusted company for response time and availability (PingDom).


Digital Netcom as a MSP works at different levels of managed services (system and network ) or in a more specific context (DBA , application management , exceptions, etc.)

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