gamme serveurs dédiés

Our private cloud solutions are based on exactly the same technology as our own public cloud infrastructure , except that they are fully dedicated to the client. The solution is fully managed by our teams 24/7

Availability : Each unit is equipped with 3 to 16 independent RAID physical heads (nodes) 10 Gb/s. The production data are stored on redundant clusters ZFS, CephFS and GlusterFS with SSD caching. A separate backup system connected with a 10 Gb/s network in a second Datacenter occurs each day.

Performance : Each unit is equipped with 24 to 768 physical CPU cores , with DDR4 RAM and with powerful storage that incorporates SSD caches. Each head has its own independent 10 Gb/s protected internet connection.

Flexibility : : It is possible to add dedicated heads, RAM and storage to our private cloud solutions


Digital Netcom works only with certified hardware for servers (hard drive, SSD…), selected , tested and benched by its teams and posting a MTBF of greater than 100 years..


Digital Netcom set up for each client’s infrastructure an external monitoring located in another trusted company for response time and availability (PingDom).


Digital Netcom as a MSP works at different levels of managed services (system and network ) or in a more specific context (DBA , application management , exceptions, etc.)

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