Our team

Christophe Casalegno [ CEO ]

As CEO, his duties are to make strategic decisions about business development. He’s also in charge of the management of the company’s image and public relations with shareholders, institutions and the media..

Phone +353(0).91.442.838
Email [email protected]

Sandra Casalegno [ CQO ]

CQO provides a mission both operational and strategic : guarantor of the quality of services , mission also extends to ethical and deontological aspects of all activities.

Phone +353(0).91.442.838
Email [email protected]

Customer review

“Digital Netcom manages and hosts Blog4ever.com (more than 600.000 websites) for over 8 years. They accompanied us in our evolution and they always offered a suitable architecture for our needs. What I mostly like about Digital is: flexibility, competence and responsiveness!”

Pascal Messana , CEO

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