Digital Netcom : a multi-criteria and multi-level supervisory chain.

Digital Netcom Limited has developed its own multidimensional model of the cloud’s ecosystem supervision . This is a multi-level / multi-line supervision system including several specific areas: hardware supervision , system supervision, network monitoring , application monitoring and supervision of the security.

Hardware supervision

It allows via integrated sensors in the heart of the hardware to detect incidents as they occur, often before having an impact on the operation of services. Upon detection , a corrective maintenance is then programmed , and , in the case of a too large incident, a full replacement is performed.


System supervision

It helps to know both in terms of reporting and real time the level of all system indicators , such as the state of partitions, IOPS , memory consumption, CPU consumtion and the load average of the machine distributed between different services, the number of simultaneous connections , the number and status of various systems indicators.

Network monitoring

It allows to know the status of the entire network on the various layers , from the response times connected with various Internet operators to the network usage link by link. It also permit to have information about the utilization of network hardware or the state of inter-datacenter connections.


La supervision applicative

It allows to know , beyond the others monitoring systems, the actual availability of an application. Every minute , we test not only access to your applications to see if they are availables, but we also record response times , so as to be proactive on all hardware components , systems and networks concerned.


Security supervision

The security is the heart of our governance of information systems. This is a key element of our supervision policy, combining real-time analysis and deferred items put together by IDS sensors , protocol analyzers, integrity checks , and system logs. For all important operations we check the identity of the person, his rights and the legitimacy of his claim.

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